5 editing tips to make your life easier

2 MinutesTuesday 10th, August 2021

You've taken some great photos after a day out, now what? You should edit them, but that seems like a long process. Yes editing can sometimes be a long and annoying process, but it's usually worth the that extra effort.

Here are 5 editing tips to help make your life a bit easier.

Learn your photo editing software

It's important to learn your photo editing software, the more you use it, the more you'll learn and be able to speed up your editing process. It's also important to find the right editing software for you and get learning it, by watching tutorial videos.

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Organise your photos!

This might sound obvious, but finding a system for keeping your photos in order is important. That might be importing them into Lightroom and keeping them in meaningly named albums. Or simply creating folders with the year and then keeping folders inside of the "events" or "adventures" name and date.

I remember first getting into photography and my photos not being organised, it really didn't help when wanting to find photos from a specific event or of something specific.

Straighten & crop

Once you've organised your photos, the first thing to do when editing is to straighten and crop your photos if needed - this is fairly basic but fairly important to keeping them looking professional.

Use presets

Use some presets to help to get started when editing, go through some presets you already have and apply them to your photos, see what they're like and tweak until you get the right edit. Using a preset really helps to save some time when editing as you then have a starting point of a look that you want to achieve.

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Save your settings as presets

When you apply some settings to your photos or tweak existing presets, save out the setting as another preset, that way if you want to use the same or similar settings you have it ready for next time!

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