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5 tips to Landscape photography

2 MinutesFriday 19th, June 2020

Location, location, location 

Have a clear idea of where you would like to capture your landscape photo, at what time you’re planning to go out and planning it in advance will allow you to maximise your time at the location. I’d recommend researching and getting some inspiration for your photo, why not check out the “Where to get photo inspiration from?” tip. 

Get the lighting right

Getting the lighting right for your photo is important, the best lighting for landscapes is often early in the morning or late afternoon. You might think mid day when the sun is brightest maybe the best, but the harsh sunlight can often be too bright and then your photo could be over exposed and need a lot of editing to look as you’d like. 

Use the weather

When you think about the weather and going on a photography adventure we often think that it has to be sunny. Other types of weather conditions such as fog, dew, rain and overcast can give new dimensions to a landscape photo. With the right settings any weather condition can look great, it can take time and patience. In these weather conditions, make sure to take care of yourself and your camera. 

Go the extra mile

Don’t be lazy, if a great landscape photo requires some effort such as climbing up a mountain or going on a long walk then go for it as the views and photos will be worth the effort it took you to get there!

Try a tripod

Why not try using a tripod, it’s a fairly simple piece of equipment that can help you take a great photo and avoid any camera shake and blurriness. It’s also helpful for keeping the camera straight, something which I personally find it hard to take a straight photo!

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