5 Useful smartphone photography accessories

2 MinutesTuesday 2nd, March 2021

Smartphone photography is on the rise and there are some useful accessories out there that can help you to utilise your smartphone as a camera.

Small tripod

A tripod is always a useful piece of photography equipment, they don’t usual cost too much, but can really help you out to get a steady snap. You can get a mount which will allow you to mount your smartphone onto an existing camera tripod. Another option is to purchase a phone specific tripod which is a great option if you’re only going to use it for your phone and want something small and more portable. 

Bluetooth shutter remote

A bluetooth remote shutter control allows you to take photos on your phone from a distance and it can be more useful than using a timer as you’re not having to rush into position. They’re mainly useful for selfie type photos and allowing for a stable snap.

Portable battery pack

Most people these days have a portable battery pack, it’s a useful piece of kit to have especially if you’re on a day trip exploring taking lots of snaps, you won’t be without power if you have one of these in your bag.

Lenses & Filters

With the the rise of smartphone photography companies have started to make smartphone lenses and filters, these are usually fairly cheap and can give your snaps something a bit different. For example you can get a fish eye effect lens which you can attach to your phone. 

Phone LED Panel

You can purchase a phone LED panel to attach or use with your smartphone in those situations when you need that bit more light. These are usually fairly portable pieces of equipment, but isn’t something you’ll need all too often. 

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