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Autumn photography tips

1 minuteThursday 29th, October 2020

Autumn is upon us here in the UK and it’s a great season to get out and start taking some photos of the amazing colors around you that are changing everyday. 

Create a frame

Use things like the autumn tree leaves to frame your shot, this works really nice for a landscape or portrait where the subject is in focus and crisp but the colorful leaves are out of focus and frame the shot, leading the viewers eyes to the main subject. 

Paths and roads

Paths and roads that are lined with trees can create a really nice photo with the autumn colors. Especially where leaves have dropped onto the tarmac and contrast with the bright autumn leaves.

Look for the detail

When out and about look out for the detail, take the time to carefully look around wherever you might be adventuring. You might spot some great photo opportunities, reflections of the bright colors onto some water, a leaf in a puddle or red leaf amongst the green grass.

These kinds of photos with detail and contrast can be aesthetically pleasing and make the bright colors really pop, especially if edited well.

Plan ahead

Although autumn is a good season to start snapping some colorful photos, planning and timing is important. You don’t want to go out too late in autumn to find all the colors have long gone or go out after a storm and all the leaves have been blown off the trees. Check local weather forecasts and scout out areas or look on online webcams to get an idea of what the area is looking like before heading out.

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