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Become a better photographer in 2021

2 MinutesWednesday 13th, January 2021

2021 is a New Year and you want to become a better photographer this year? Here are a few tips to help you along your way this year.


If you’re passionate about photography and want to improve this year, spend more time practising, you don’t have to get out and about to practise. Practise taking photos of everyday objects in your home or the scene out your window. 

Try a different style

Why not try a different photography style that you want to improve or have never tried before. Mix things up a bit. It’s a New Year to try something new. 

Always have your camera with you 

Although at the moment many countries are limited to adventuring out, when you do go out and about take your camera with you. You never know what you might see when out and about. There's been many a-time I’ve gone for a short walk to exercise down to the beach or the downs and then wished I bought my camera to snap the view.

With this in mind, always have your camera batteries charged and ready to go! 

Learn your camera

Learn to use your camera, each camera is different and some have different settings. In this period of down time for many countries, now is a good opportunity to spend the time to learn your camera’s settings inside out. I’ve had my camera for a few years and still haven’t properly learnt all the settings and even set up my function buttons til recently!

If you don’t use a camera, maybe you use a smartphone, instead learn and get used to the camera apps and maybe try a more advanced camera app.

Look at others photographers 

Look out at what other photographers are doing and learn from what they’re doing. Are they using different techniques and styles that maybe you could try? Are they editing photos in an interesting way? 

Take a look around platforms like instagram and follow some photographers that interest you and inspire you to go further in your photography. 

Limit yourself

You could also try limiting yourself to use a specific lens or use your smartphone only to take photos. This could help you concentrate on the basics such as the composition and angle of your snaps, rather than worrying about the lens to use. It also forces you to snap something different and unique, this kind of skill and thinking will then carry across when you're not limiting yourself. 

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Tom Howard

Tip by Tom Howard

Tom is an up and coming photographer, who loves to go out on photography adventures with friends and family when he can. He's a full time software engineer by day for a technology company in Brighton and the founder of Snaphints.

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