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2 MinutesTuesday 5th, May 2020

In the current situation it may be difficult to get out and take those snaps, so I thought it would be appropriate, to have a tip on some photography ideas that you can do at home. It’s a great time to try something new or to get that practise in. 

Here are a few ideas of photography that can be done at home which I hope will inspire you.

Portrait photography

Taking portrait photos can sometimes sound boring, but you can make it fun. Portraits are a great one to keep practising whilst at home, especially if you're living with family or friends. You can easily play around with depth of field and changing the background to be more interesting or minimalistic.

Food photography

Whilst at home many of us are perfecting our culinary skills, cooking up some great meals. What a great way to document them by taking some artistic snaps of your beautifully presented food which you can look back on. Try lots of different angles, close ups and using deep of field. You'll end up with a range of interesting snaps to share.

Try black and white

Try taking photos in black and white, focusing on a subject, colour can sometimes be a distraction in a photo, taking away from the message of your photo. It's often used for story telling and can strengthen our connection, emotions and mood.

Photograph home life

Why not just take photos of everyday life and things going on around the house? Maybe you're doing some baking with the family, take some photos of the process. Or maybe you're playing a board game with your house mates. This can apply to many home life tasks or activities if nothing else you've documented the activity and maybe learnt something from taking the photos, so win, win really!?

These are just a few fun photos ideas that you could try at home to document and have fun whilst stuck at home.

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Tom Howard

Tip by Tom Howard

Tom is an up and coming photographer, who loves to go out on photography adventures with friends and family when he can. He's a full time software engineer by day for a technology company in Brighton and the founder of Snaphints.

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