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Taking your photography game to the next level

2 MinutesMonday 24th, August 2020

Photography is fun, but it can also be hard to take your photos to the next level and produce that wow factor. Here are 5 tips that will hopefully help you to take your photos up a notch and get your followers wanting more. You can try these with any camera or smartphone.


When taking your snaps, try different angles, each angel will give you a different perspective. Some angles will look more pleasing for your photo, so it's a good idea to take a few snaps at different angles.

Try an angle you've never given a go before and you maybe surprised at the outcome.

Snap through something

Try taking a snap through something to frame your shot. If you're in a sunflower field use some of the plants around you to frame the main focus of your photo. You could even use your fingers in front of the lens to frame the photo. This technique can give your snap more depth and focus more on the subject of your photo.


Use props in your snaps to keep them more interesting. My wife bought a £5 bag the other day and when we went out and it made a nice addition to some photos I took. The prop could be something that complements the setup or be something completely different and causes interest.

Edit your snap

After your photo adventure or shoot edit your snaps, this could be as simple as cropping the photo or adding a nice preset. When I first started out in photography I didn't bother to edit most of my photos, but now I often import them into Lightroom on my laptop or phone and apply a nice preset that just adds something a bit extra and can really bring out your snap.

Hopefully these few tips re helpful pointers in taking your photography game to the next level.

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Tom Howard

Tip by Tom Howard

Tom is an up and coming photographer, who loves to go out on photography adventures with friends and family when he can. He's a full time software engineer by day for a technology company in Brighton and the founder of Snaphints.

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