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2 MinutesThursday 27th, February 2020

If you’re starting out taking up photography, whether you are wanting to be a professional or enjoy photography as a hobby, here are some quick tips to get you started. 

It’s not all about your equipment

You might think you need to have all the “right” equipment or the most expensive camera and lenses. This is not the case, many people start out using their own phone camera, most smartphone cameras these days allow you to take some high quality and fairly good photos. 

It’s about how you use the equipment that you have, rather than the equipment itself. 

Take a lot of photos

Remember to always take a lot of photos, there's nothing worse than taking one or two photos which may seem the same, but when you get back home and review them they all turned out blurred or not how you wanted. Take photos from different distances and angles so you have a variety of photos to choose from. 

Find a type of photography that interests you

When you start taking photos you’ll soon get a feel for what type of photography that interests you. Once you know what you’re interested in, focus on that type of photography, get practising and get good at taking those types of photos. 

Don’t go it alone

It’s always more fun if you go on photography outings with other friends or family, especially if they’re also into photography. You can learn tips and tricks from each other whilst out having fun taking photos. Even if not all your friends are into photography they could help you with props or even be models in your photos. 

These are just a few tips for getting started taking photos, remember to keep it simple and have fun.

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Tom Howard

Tip by Tom Howard

Tom is an up and coming photographer, who loves to go out on photography adventures with friends and family when he can. He's a full time software engineer by day for a technology company in Brighton and the founder of Snaphints.

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