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2 MinutesSunday 20th, September 2020

I've recently come back from a holiday in Crete and having not done much traveling recently it was lovely to get back traveling and snapping photos.

Here are a few tips for photographers who are traveling.

Don't rush to post photos on social media

It's so tempting to post photos on social media as you take them, don't get me wrong I do post photos on social media, but I try to be selective to show the best snaps I have taken throughout the day and often edit them on the Lightroom iPhone app.

For me its about the quality of the photos I post and not the amount or frequency at which I post. I want people to experience what I'm experiencing in person through the photos I take and feel as though they are right there with me.

Edit your photos

Remember to edit your photos, go through them on your camera or phone, check that they're in focus and capturing what you want. Import your photos into an editing application on your phone or computer, I use Lightroom on both my phone and computer as it syncs my presets and edited photos.

You don't need to go over board, just a bit of light editing can really help a photo and bring it out more to show your friends and family what you're experiencing.

Only post your best snaps

Again it's so tempting to post ALL your photos on social media, but it's great to go through and fish out your absolute favourites and post those. People always say to me your photos are always so good and I say, well they're just the ones I posted, not all that I had snapped.

Don't take all your equipment

Theres no point taking all your photography equipment, many photographers will likely have multiple cameras, multiple lenses etc. Just take the equipment that you're most likely to use. On my most recent trip I only took two of my lens as I knew I wasn't likely to use or want to use my others, but in fact I stuck with one.

This proves that I don't need all my lenses to take great photos in the way I want to capture them.

Have both your camera and phone with you

I always carry both my camera and phone with me on travel adventures, depending on my mood I might just want to snap on my camera or just on my phone for ease. Having the option is great and for my latest trip I often snapped with both my camera and phone.

These are just a few helpful tips that I found when traveling and taking photos recently.

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