What camera should I buy?

2 MinutesSaturday 15th, August 2020

Maybe you’re starting out in photography and you are unsure about what camera to purchase if any at all. There are many types of cameras from compact to a DSLR, not only that, there are many different makes and models to choose from.

Each type of camera has its own advantages and features to consider. 


Compact cameras can be a great camera to get you start snapping away, maybe you’ve started using your phone but want to upgrade and start using a specific device for taking photos, but still want the portability. 

A compact camera can often outpace some of the best smartphone cameras with larger sensors, high quality lenses and often also offer optical zoom. 

Bridge Camera 

A bridge camera is a nice step up from a compact or smartphone camera, providing more grip and often more advanced features. Allowing for more direct control when taking photos and allowing you to understand the camera settings more. Bridge cameras are still usually fairly compact in size. 

A downside to a bridge camera is that you’re stuck with one lens, just like a compact. 


I personally have a mirrorless camera and love it. Mirrorless cameras have the advantage of being much lighter and more compact than DSLRs. The downside is that they can have less lens options and accessories available. 

If you are wanting to get started, playing around with different lenses a mirrorless camera is a great camera. 


DSLR cameras are very flexible and allow changing of almost every setting. They also have a huge variety of lenses available more than most mirrorless cameras. DSLRs can often be more durable but heavier to carry around.

DSLRs are a great investment but often a lot more expensive than mirrorless or bridge cameras. If you’re just starting out in photography a DSLR might not be the best camera for you. 

To conclude

All these types of cameras have their advantages and disadvantages, I’ve spoken about a few in this tip. 

I would recommend going to a shop where you can try out different types, makes and models of cameras. You might find you prefer the feel and look of one make of camera over another. 

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