What equipment should I use?

1 MinuteThursday 27th, February 2020

You might be starting out with photography and ask what equipment should I use? Here are a few pieces of useful equipment to help you when going out on photography shoots and adventures.


A tripod is not always necessary but can be a useful piece of equipment that is worth investing in. Whether you’re taking landscape photos or shooting a wedding, you will likely need a tripod at some time or another.

Memory card

It’s better to have more than one memory card, as you might be out and about and run out of space or may have forgotten to download all your photos from a previous shoot and the last thing you want to have to do is start deleting old photos on your camera on a shoot. I would recommend having at least two memory cards. 

Camera bag

Having a camera bag is very useful, especially when you’re starting to build up your equipment, you’ll need somewhere to store it and carry it all about with you. It's worth investing in a good quality bag, especially if you’re going to be going out and about a lot.

Prime Lens

If you’re using a DSLR camera or similar that allows you to change the lens, I would recommend getting a prime lens. This is a lens that does not zoom and has a fixed focal length, these are a great lens to start experimenting with new types of photography!

These are just four pieces of equipment that are very useful to have to hand and will make your photography life that bit easier.

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Tom is an up and coming photographer, who loves to go out on photography adventures with friends and family when he can. He's a full time software engineer by day for a technology company in Brighton and the founder of Snaphints.

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