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Where to get photo inspiration from?

2 MinutesTuesday 19th, May 2020

It's all well and good taking photos, but sometimes it can be hard to find the inspiration for your snaps, to find the next photo that people will just be wowed by.

Heres a few ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing.


Instagram is a great social network for getting inspiration from, I would recommend following fellow photographers who take similar style photos to you, but also photographers who have a very different style and maybe see things differently. You could also try to re-create a photo that another photographer has taken with your own spin on it.


Pinterest is another great source of inspiration for photographers, you can simply type in a subject or type of photography and you'll find many different perspectives on the same subject which could spark your own ideas.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is simple, it maybe a walk you do often or a new walk. You could take your camera with you or leave your gear at home. Some people say that going for a walk and not taking your gear with you can allow you to pay more attention to the details around you and see a new way of looking at the thing around you.

The nature around you could also inspire you, taking in your surrounding and seeing the detail in nature.

Give yourself a challenge

Why not try a photo challenge and try something different? You could try a different style of photography that you've never done before or maybe practise what you're familiar with but try something a bit different like taking photos of the same subject from different perspectives.

Learn new techniques

You could try some new techniques such as, editing your photos in a different style, using a different background, camera setup, lightning or different camera all together! Changing some of what we know can help us to be more creative and be inspired to create something different than what we would usually produce.

Just snap something

Picking up your camera and taking some snaps couldn't be easier. Each photo that you take will usually be very different from the last, you don't always need to over think the photo or look for perfection, or have every detail planned out, just take a few snaps and have some fun.

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